I Moved to a Better Apartment

As soon as I saw everything that is offered to the tenants who live at the Regency, I knew I wanted to call it home too. I found all of this on their website, which is regencyatlookoutcanyon.com. I had driven by the Regency enough times to know that I wanted to find out more, especially when the apartment I had been living in gave us tenants advance notice that our rental rates would be increasing in a few months. That gave me enough time to start looking elsewhere, because I was just not happy with how high the rent was getting.

Looking at the website for the Regency made me realize a few things. First off, I was definitely overpaying for the rent on my old apartment. The rent was comparable at the Regency, but the apartments are bigger and they have a lot more amenities too. My old apartment has a pool and a few pieces of exercise equipment so they can advertise it as a fitness gym, but it is nothing when compared to what is offered at the Regency. The community amenities rock there, but the individual ones do too.

I filled out an application and did not have to wait long to find out that I was able to move in. Here, I have a garage rather than an assigned parking space that is always taken by another car. I also have a balcony that is bigger than just standing room only. I also have a washer and dryer, which makes it very convenient since I had to go to the laundromat all the time before. There are no negatives at all with the Regency, and I am so thankful that I am now able to call it home. Having my rent increased was the best thing that could have happened to me!